The following statistics were taken from the Canadian Battery Association's most recent Annual Report.

Average BC Lead Battery Recovery Data by CBA Members

    Sales (kg)   Recovery (kg)     Recovery Rate (%)
   22,475,000     23,200,000            103%


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All shipments of waste lead-acid batteries from a distribution warehouse to a smelter are considered a Hazardous Waste. 


Consequently shipments of Waste Lead-Acid Batteries are subject to the following requirements:

  •     -  within BC over 1000kg must comply with the requirements of BC's Hazardous Waste Regulation;
  •     -  within Canada over 1000kg must comply with the requirement of Canada's Cross-border Movement of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulation;
  •      -  exports from Canada to US or OECD countries over 5kg must have Export Permit.  All other exports from Canada are banned under the Basel Convention.


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